We fall in love with hope, hope that promises us that there is a way out of our lives. There is! But it is not easy or something that can be given to you. It takes courage – the courage to start asking yourself hard questions.

  •  Who am I being ?
  • What am I creating ?
  • What am I afraid of ?
  • How would I like it to be ?
  • What do I need to start thinking, saying and doing to start creating THAT INSTEAD!
How many of you are prepared to start finding those answer ?
Yes it is easier to sit and wait for someone else to notice you and create it for you…but having done that for years diving I know from some very bitter experience that the only way to make your life happen is to be your own master!
ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE HAPPEN! And if you are not taking ownership of it, you are relying on blind luck and the good will of others to create it for you.
That is the lesson behind any accomplishment!
That is the lesson behind my world record!
When will you start ?