“Our economy has become a giant lottery. Perhaps you’ll get picked to be on American Idol. Perhaps you’ll sue someone and get a windfall. Perhaps you’ll be the one who gets promoted to partner as a result of all your hard work (but maybe you won’t).

We celebrate the Forbes 400 and the maters of the universe and the lucky few who have won the corporate lottery, because secretly we are celebrating our chances of winning the lottery as well. Like most lotteries, this is a loser’s game, with the odds against us. What appears to be a meritocracy is actually a rigged game and a wheel of fortune. “ Seth Godin

And there it was! The phrase that connected the pieces of my world record journey –  “we are all trained to wait to be picked”. That really connected! That was me! I know that feeling of waiting to be seen and acknowledged. I waited for years to be picked by Nuno Gomes (friend and current deepest man) and so officially seen and chosen as special and good enough to be the next world record holder. I never was picked! Something I am very grateful for !

When I first started to work out what it was I did that was different to get me a world record I thought the difference between me and everyone who has walked away from a dream was that I was able to step outside of who I thought I was and who I had been told I was (not enough) and chose to act as if I was already the deepest. I became who I needed to be to get to my dream. But what I did was so much more, I stopped waiting to be picked and picked myself!


You have been trained from school for someone else to tell you what you are good at, your teacher told you, your coach told you if you were any good at sport. You believed them but why ? What made them experts ?

There are experiments that show how teachers can actually change the success of a student by being told that specific, so –called low performing students, have  been tested and found to be in the top ten IQ and capability metrics and just this ‘new’ information (which wasn’t true), changed how the teachers treated those kids and their overall performance. The result ? The kids went from the bottom of the class to the top. Nothing changed – the kids were the kids!

What if life wasn’t a lottery ? What if the one thing successful people know is that they can ? What if you can pick yourself. I dare you! See what happens! What if it works ?

For today pick yourself!

Step outside of your comfort zone. Stop waiting for permission and tell yourself over and over, I am choosing this! I can do this! I am willing to try and stand by my choice. I am willing to learn from trying. I am picking me.

If you don’t pick you who will ? Are you really prepared to wait for your entire life ? Really ?

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