The western world calls it body language, the alternative healing world will use words like aura and chakra’s . For me they are talking about the same thing, your energy. I rarely blog about energy work simply because I find it gets in the way of the message I want to be spreading, living with dare. Why ? Many people start this road with a strong religious base that isn’t always open to energy work or meditation and that is OK. For me the two messages, living with dare and energy work, aren’t mutually exclusive. Living with dare is about integrating who you are and what is important to you into a way of life that keeps you moving forward and allows you live the life you want to love.

This is blog is for those of you who are open to energy work and I am going to start with my story. I have lived most of my life rejecting the rigidity and sterile nature of western medicine and therapy. Like many people I found myself hating the ‘here’ I was living with no idea how to get out or even where to head towards.

I was living in this maelstrom of emotions, completely paralysed by fear (of everything and nothing) . I couldn’t even begin to explain it to a therapist because it wasn’t anyone thing ,it was everything. Was it my Dad’s dramatic death (six months of attempted suicides, one bad road accident, rehab and then a series of heart attacks resulting with him being in a coma for two weeks before finally letting go) ? Was it my mother’s ? (more drama  and upheaval – three weeks or was it four of a coma created by the intensive care unit that was supposed to keep her safe after an unexpected collapse). Or was it the divorce that shut me down when I was 13 ? Who knows, all I know is that my life was filled with tears and isolation and I had no idea what I was doing wrong and why no-one liked me!

The final straw was my mother’s death – suddenly it was all too much. I didn’t leave my house for 3 months and in that time decided out of desperation to try Reiki. I had heard that it helped clean up my energy field and as I had none, it seemed like a good idea. I never looked back. Whilst I rarely go for Reiki treatments, the first part of Usui Reiki is about self healing and much to my surprise (yes I was sceptical, I was hardly a poster child for something as spacy as Reiki – that was the domain of people who wore tie died clothes and did the whole incense thing), I suddenly found things shifting. That really is the only way I can describe it. Emotions that I had locked away for years suddenly escaped, which was intensely freaky for someone who had taken pride in never having cried in a decade.

Since then my life has slowly started to come into balance and I can ascribe much of that change to Reiki, colour therapy and now, bars treatments. I find it to be a more gentle way of allowing me to reconnect with who I am, who I was and what I have been hiding from. I still have to do the work, I still have to acknowledge and let go of my past but . When I added coaching into that I found a potent combination that allowed me to let go of my past, escape my present and thanks to coaching, create a conscious pull to a life I wanted to love.

It took courage to step out of my comfort zone and start to practice something so controversial as Reiki, but that is what living with dare is, allowing new things into your life, trying them and keeping what works. Reiki may not be for you ( I found it worked when I was the practitioner rather than when I was the patient), but maybe it is ? If you are unsure of Reiki maybe try Bars, which is energy work that focuses on your brain and they way you think (and if you read my blog you know that what you think creates what you experience).

I will blog more about my experiences with these alternative healing modalities, all I ask is that you have an open mind. It works for me and is one of the pillars I build my life on. It could work for you.

If you are curious please feel free to ask me questions. I am a qualified Reiki master in Usui, Karuna, Lightarian and Tibetan Reiki. I am also a qualified Colour Therapist (which is a fun way of managing energy) and a Bars Practitioner..oh yes, and I also do consciousness coaching. Everything I talk about I have done and use…otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it !

If there is something you find has helped you in your journey please let me know. I would love to find how you created the support you needed to create your life.

Live with Dare! Find the life you want to love.