Have you ever noticed how you become attached to what you pay attention to ? That is the moment the struggle begins – especially if you have decided that what you are noticing is wrong. Then you spend precious time and energy resisting, complaining and fighting all in a vain attempt to try and change something you can’t.  Because you can’t change people through telling them what is wrong. You can’t change people period. The only thing you can change is yourself and you will be amazed at how much influence you have when shift into the right state of being.

  • What if you didn’t need to change anything to be right ?
  • What if you didn’t need to judge what you see ?
  • What does it cost you to be right ?
    What does it cost you to judge ?

Why not let go of the need to be right and instead let those people live their lives with their consequences…while you reside in calmness ?