I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying. Nelson Mandela

Driving to work, the winter super moon hanging in a crystal winter sky I suddenly heard a voice ask me, Have you given up ? Living with Dare is about keeping moving, swimming through my fear and inspiring others to take the chance to imagine, dream and create. It is hard work passing on the idea of Living with Dare. It seems as a society we have forgotten how to dream, we have just given up, accepting the lives we have been given, the lives our parents were given. This is our lot. We deserve no more. We are not the special, lucky few. We are not the Richard Branson’s and Steve Job’s of the world. We are the workers, the little people, the minions.

Have you given up ? When last did you spend half an hour doing nothing but imagining ?

You used to do it when you were a child. When you were a child you were going to be an astronaut, the first super model President, a doctor. Then somewhere along the line you started to believe that you were ordinary.

What if ordinary is who your heroes and idols are ?

What if the only difference is that they didn’t stop dreaming ?

Yes there will be days were giving up is the only option. But that is why there is a tomorrow. Tomorrow it all starts again fresh. Tomorrow you can choose to let go of today and yesterday and start brand new. All  it takes is that choice.

I have a world record. I got that by never giving up. It took over 5 years to find the right recipe, the right path through, but I never gave up  – not for long anyway.

The only thing you should  be giving up is doing the same old thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Have you given up ? What would it take to get you dreaming again ? What would it take to get you inspired ? Who do you have to stop waiting for ? What would it take for you to start living with dare ?