One of the fundamental characteristics of extraordinary people is the fact that they know, without doubt that they are valuable and they live that uniqueness and value every day – bringing it into what they do even if what they do isn’t there dream or even something they value.
So what is this thing called value and how do you get it ?
Value is personal yes ? You and I look at a piece of art and I say, ugh and you say, how marvellous – of course that is worth 10 million dollars. We all have our own value systems that allow us to choose what we want in our life.
So it would be fair to say that when someone looks at you, they have the power and ability to assign or take-away value yes ? And when you look at someone you have the same power and ability to assign value or take it away, yes ? And you are certain of that value you have assigned – so certain you will defend it!
So that would mean that when you look at yourself in a mirror you are able to do what you do every day without thinking, assign or take away value to yourself ?
Now, if it is in your power to do it, why wouldn’t you ? Why would you passively wait on other people to give you value and live in dread of them taking it away when all you have to do is what you do everyday to everyone you meet, look yourself in the eyes and declare that you have value ?
Yes it feels odd – anything new feels odd and you have lived your whole life the other way so it isn’t going to feel natural or right, at first!
But what if it worked ? What if you could wake up every day free of that dread ? What if you didn’t have to protect yourself from the people around you ? What if you were free ?
For the next 10 days take 10 minutes and sit in front of your mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Then start to remember all the things you value until you are immersed in that feeling of value. Then say one thing, out loud, shout it – I am valuable! I am never giving my value away ever again!.
Dare to be Free! Dare to love your life! Dare to be limitless!
Dare to Find YOUR Extraordinary Self!