You can have the two other habits and not be an explorer, because what makes it exploration is curiosity. Curiosity is what drives explorers to want to get out of their comfort zone.

What else is possible ?

What happens if I do this, instead of that ?

Explorers are always looking for a different way of doing things, not because that way would be better (some times it is, sometimes it isn’t), but because that is what makes the world interesting.

Baked into exploration is a learning as a continuous path. Explorers, adapt, they reflect and they make different choices based on whether or not the outcome they experienced was the one intended.

This means that explorers are comfortable with the discomfort that comes from not knowing, and not being certain of the outcome.

They are also present in the now, because they fundamentally know that to create anything you need to start from here.

Explore the Habits of Exploration