We spend our lives trying to either finding out or avoiding who we are, as if it were something set in stone, there to discover and accept, a limit we need to get used to. Perhaps that is why some of us never really connect with ourselves, because we are afraid we will find someone who is ‘less’, limit, not enough, and then what ?

But what if who you are is not a fixed ‘thing’ ? What if who you are changes as you experience life and learn ? And even more importantly, what if who you are is something you can choose? A fairly radical thought to most people accustomed as we are to being told who we will be and what we can do. 

Who we are is not just what we do – there is a soul underneath it all, waiting to be visited and it is ‘who’ rather than the ‘what’ that makes all the difference. Until themoment we connect with our soul and start choosing who we want to be, who we are is nothing more than an unconscious program that our unconscious minds repeat over and over … and over again. Until you start to consciously choose who you want to be and just like you had to practice physical skills start to practice ‘being’ that.

This ability to focus as much on ‘who you are being’ as you do on ‘what you are doing’ was one of the messages that jumped out of the seminar I recently did with Dr Wayne Dyer as a guest speaker. In a moment of clarity everything I had learnt from my deep dive fell into place. I can change who I am. I had already – going from normal to deepest just by letting go of who I thought I was and being who I needed to be. The question of course is how ?
One of the practices that Dr Dyer passed on addressed that all to slipper how and that was the power of the phrase ‘I am’. Just by careful use of that simple phrase you can start to reset your subconscious minds.


Who do you want to be ? How do you want to experience your life ? Now, you were already there, who would you be ? Instead of waiting for it to happen, bring it into your present with that simple phrase “I am …”

I am powerful!

I am present!

I am at peace!

I am prosperous!

I am valuable!

The list is endless, so pick three of four and start using them as a mantra through your day. As you repeat them really feel them, feel how it would be….. and never, ever let the phrase I am NOT stay your mind!!!  You and only you are responsible for who you are. No-one else!

You are a limitless being, anything is possible when you let go of who you think you are and start to claim yourself !