To change the experience you are living is as simple as choosing something else and every day, to let go of yesterday and choose again.

Here are Three Challenges that I use every day to shift me into being the creator of my experience.

What is possible today ?

What could you create today ?

Challenge Yourself
The Me as Value Challenge
  • If you were to live today as the most valuable product of your life, what would you be doing differently ?
  • What else is possible here ?
  • If I truly valued myself, would I be making these choices ? What would I be choosing instead ?
  • What can I choose that would allow what I truly value and what is important to me to come into being ?
  • What am I creating ? What would I like to create ? What does that feel like ?

For 10 minutes, pick a question, find some music, close your eyes and sit with the question and let your mind go…..


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