Three Challenges that I am using to Change my life and Live with Dare! Are you up for it ?

These are a blend of what works for me and the tools I have discovered in my search for a new way of being. Yes, I do receive a portion of any items purchased, but that is not why I have created these challenges.  If you have another meditation that you would like to use, then try that! I have had my up’s and down’s with meditations and these two from Dr Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking the Habit of Being, have created visible change for me. So much so that I am attending his two workshops in June. 

Give it a try! If it works, it works! If it doesn’t, you are not worse off than when you started!

Dare to Change
The Meditation Challenge

Are you up for change ? The Challenge is simple, but not easy! Find 80 minutes in your day to sit and do either the Water Rising Meditation or the Body Parts Meditation.

Why ? Because to change our experience we need to start to do different things. To do different things we need to make different choices and you can’t do that if you are using the same thinking patterns you have used your whole life.

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