What does High Performance take ?

How do you shift out of the status quo ?
How do you shift out of comfort zones, your own or the team you are in and perhaps leading ?

Whether you are an individual, or a team or a leader, finding your way out of the comfort zone into new possibilities takes a new way of thinking.

This is what I learnt when I broke the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a Woman on Scuba – how to shift out of my comfort zone and make something impossible, possible.

What does it take ? The ability to explore! And yes, exploration does fit into the corporate world. It is not the exclusive domain of mountains and the outdoors.

It takes a person, a team and a set of processes tailored to your environment. These are the three levers that explorers understand and use to create the impossible

Using the habits and practices of explorers, you can shift out of your comfort zone, take a team out of theirs and start to explore what else is possible.

So how can you shift out of your comfort zone ? How do you lead a team past what they already know ?