Hardly an obvious connection although I think most people would immediately jump to the Garden of Eden and the story that has haunted us woman for, well , ever. If only Eve had not taken a bit of that apple. In this story the apple is not portrayed in a very good light, in fact, some days I am surprised that people actually still consume apples as a result. But are apples intrinsically bad ? What about an uplifting story of two kids who sell candy apples to earn enough money to buy a bike ? Same fruit, different relationship to the apple. Here the apple is a hero, it does good which means we are able to ‘forgive’ the evil Eden apple.

Our relationship with apples is changed and all it took was a different story. The question is, should one love or hate apples ? Which story is the truth ? The answer ? Well, neither! It seems obvious when we are talking apples so lets talk pears for a moment.

The apple story affected how we felt about apples and how we feel about something either creates attraction or resistance toward it. This is our relationship to that thing. Now, stop thinking apples and start thinking about the stories you tell about your life. How about….your relationship with money ? What is the story you tell about money ? Is it the hero or the villain ? Or men ? How has your history in relationships affected how you feel about relationships and men ? Are they good or bad ? What is the story you keep on telling yourself ?

Can you see how the thing itself, the apple is never changed – an apple is an apple ? The only thing that changed is how you feel about it and that was totally affected by the story. The moment you start to become aware of your stories is the moment you can start to reframe and so change the ‘apple’ from the villain to the hero and in that moment you stop resisting and start attracting! And if you don’t yet believe in the forces of attraction, then how about this. Wouldn’t it be preferable to be thinking good thoughts about your life than subjecting yourself to the suffering that endless pessimism generates ?

What is the story that runs your life ? What can you change to turn your apples into heroes ?