There is a 7th lever, Activating flow. The point of a team and leadership is to get work to flow, to deliver. How do we do that ? We talk about the patterns and anti-patterns for delivery that we are seeing and we reference these into an outcome or bet that will have the most significant impact to improving the delivery of value with ease. Then we look at all the levers we have and we pick the one that could be the most impactful.

Collaboration is a strong lever and to do that we need to have an operating rhythm that allows the team to engage, talk and understand what is needed to get things done. Operating Rhythms revolve around how information flows, what are the meetings we need to be having and why ?

How we plan and how we pass work into teams and see what work is in play and what is outstanding is an important part of this operating rhythm. We also play with looking for waste (it’s a no brainer to take out obvious waste and gives team time back) and of course the biggest and least used lever, visualisation.