After 8 years at Standard Bank I have made the rather tough decision to leave and start my own company, Deeply Agile. The last 2 years as a facilitator for the bank’s in-house Servant Leadership program has created a strong calling for me to focus on creating autonomous and collaborative culture. I am creating a series of workshops that grow your inner servant leader and allow you to show up with more impact and more influence. Part of this is to also bring the Why Discovery process to South Africa. Living from my own Why and How has been pivotal for me. It has allowed me to live from my passion and change the quality of my days.

My focus will be on creating spaces for change and creating workshops that create that change. I will also be focusing on a series of talks that explore the change in culture that organisations are going through and what that means to you as an individual and of course, how to change along with that in a way that allows your awesomeness to shine through.

Please take a look at and get in touch if there is something there that interests you. I will cross post some of the events and posts (but not all).