The process of regaining our inherent courage after being  un-braved by life.
In a political, economic, spiritual and religious system that benefits from unbraving us, it is essential we take steps to re-brave us – (source Jeff Brown : Urban Dictionary)


What if, you were free to explore what was possible for you ? How would that work ? How would you navigate a world that is full of structure, rules, judgements and expectations, from this perspective ?

How would you go about creating a life you loved living that was filled with endless possibilities ?

If you were living as the valuable product of your life, what would be diffferent ?

Can you imagine a life where you knew the value that your uniqueness contributed to the world ?

Can you imagine living a life where who you are is something beyond the roles you live and the skills you have developed ? A life where you are living from a deep sense of being valuable and being a valuable contributor in the world ?

What would that be like ?

This is the world I want to be contributing to, a world where every person creates chooses and creates the experience they have been too afraid to choose before. 

When you re-brave you step past yourself into the self that is waiting to be discovered and then, anything becomes possible. For me, it was becoming the Deepest Woman in the world… what could you create ?


Dare to Dream