We are so used to our thoughts that we don’t even notice them, even though they drive all our choices. What I love about thoughts is that they aren’t choices. They happen on their own, without us. And even more disturbing, they create every moment we live…whether we are aware of it or not.

Living with Dare is about taking back those moments and owning them, which means you need to start actively managing your thoughts.

Actions can change thoughts – simply by choosing something over and over in spite of what you are thinking and feeling you can start to create thoughts that are now aligned to what you are doing.

Or you can start with your thoughts themselves. It is impossible to control thoughts, but you can redirect them and start to actively choose the thoughts you want to ‘feed’. It starts with awareness.

How aware are you of the thoughts you are listening to ? Are they positive or negative ? How are you framing your dream ? Is it more like wishful thinking with lots of “if this happens…then” statements and a couple of “if only I had’s” throw in for good measure ?

If so you need to start to bring your future into your present and my favourite way of doing this is using the phrase “I am…”.

I am Free! I am Deserving! I am Courageous! I am Powerful! I am Able!

There is a whole list of “I am’s” that you can choose.

The more you use them, the more you start to believe them…the more you believe, the more likely you will act as if you were….the more you act as if you were, you are! This is who you align what you want with who you are being. This is Living with Dare!


Why Who You Think You Are Matters

I have spent almost two decades trying to find a secret recipe that will allow me to create my dreams and in the end, it all boiled down to this one thing, who I thought I was.

When I thought I could not dive deep on my own everything I said and did reflected that reality and so, I could not dive deep on my own.

The day I decided that perhaps (just perhaps), I could do this on my own, was the day I started to choose different actions and that was quite literally the day I went from stuck to a world record.

What if who you are is a choice…and one driven by what you are thinking ?

Who you are is a choice and the more you practice choosing the more who you think you are will align with who you are choosing to be.

If you had to pick one “I AM”, what would it be ?

Pick the one that seems the least likely, the one that makes you cringe…and start to repeat that to yourself whenever you remember…until it no longer feels so strange.

I am anyone and anything I choose to be, are you ? Why not ? Live with dare! Choose Who you Want to Be! Create the life you want to love! Live with Dare!