Fatally Flawed – The Quest to be Deepest (softcover and kindle).

This tells the story of how I achieved my world record, outlining my dives with current Men’s World Record Holder, Nuno Gomes as well as my experiences as Surface Marshal for Dave Shaw’s ill-fated dive. It tracks my story from the beginning, providing an insight into how I created my own limits, and how I managed to overcome them and become deepest

Find Your Dare – Create Anything (new) (Kindle only)

Taken from my TEDx talk, this essay speaks to starting. If thinking about dreams was enough we all would be living our dreams but we aren’t – so what is it we aren’t doing ? How did I become Deepest because I wasn’t born with the natural skill set ? What did I do differently ?

If you are serious about creating change in your world, then this essay is for you. Get it on smashwords and Amazon

Creating Myself – A Practical Guide (Kindle Book)

A short guide to creating change using self-coaching (a method that I use daily btw)


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