Agility can not happen without a shift in how we see Leadership. For me the new brand of leadership resonates deeply and connects to my journey to a world record – it is about shifting from being led, from waiting for permission to leading, to living from your own permission and so using your strengths to accomplish a goal.
The idea of a leadership lab comes out of Standard Bank where a 3 day Servant Leadership programme does just that, create a space for individuals to see how they show up and using a set of 9 ground rules, to explore a different way of engaging, one where power isn’t given up or taken or held by one individual.
Can you shift a team or organisation into AGILE or SAFE without mindsets and behaviours ? My experience suggests not, not really, not without a huge dependence on coaches and vigilance by management. But what if the teams themselves were doing the shifting, what if they were using a different mindset, a different mental map and in so doing became self-learning, self-managing, self-organising and autonomous ?

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