Did you know that 8 weeks of daily meditation changes how your brain is structured ? The Amygdala (associated with fear and stress), shrinks and the pre-frontal cortex (associated with awareness, concentration and decision making), grows.

A habit of daily meditation changes how your brain is structured. It prunes your neural networks, allowing old habits of thinking and feeling to relax and allowing new, more useful habits of thinking and feeling to be created.

I am using the meditations that Dr Joe Dispenza created for his book, Break the Habit of Being Yourself and am loving the experience. It blows my mind that 80 minutes a day is visibly changing how I experience my day to day.

What if you could change who you are ? What if all it took was 80 minutes of meditation a day ? Why wouldn\’t you try it ?

Join me in the Meditation Challenge today! Who could you be if you started to choose ?

Note: I am a referral partner for the products, books and meditations available from Dr Joe Dispenza\’s site. I use these products daily and am attending his Progressive and Advanced workshops in Australia in June. I have chosen to link to his products based on personal experience.

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