On October 25th, 2004 I reached a depth of 221 meters in a water filled cave in the Northern Cape (South Africa) called Boesmansgat. The dive took 5 and a half hours and a decade to reach. It set a new all time woman’s depth record for the deepest dive by a woman on scuba as well as breaking my existing cave record and altitude record. It was supposed to be an ending but became a new beginning because I wanted to experience limitless being in all aspects of my life not only diving.

This dive set a number of records for woman:

  • Deepest cave dive
  • Deepest Altitude dive
  • An African Record

It also proved that woman can compete at the same level of excellence and dare as the men do and I firmly believe, opened a door through which more and more woman have gone.

When I started diving I was the only woman in South Africa doing it. I never bumped into someone else at a dive site doing the same dives as me. Now I do! AND THAT IS JUST AWESOME!

Breaking a world record taught me that limits are choices.

Breaking a world record taught me that who I am is not set in stone, it is a choice. I know that who I was could never have broken a world record simply because who I was never managed to get deeper than 141 meters. To get deeper I had to stop being me and start to act like a world record holder would, with courage and self belief. I had to stop waiting to be given the record and create it for myself. I had to start believing in myself and trying – I had to live courage.


Who you are will however set your limits. What you have is what you can create with who you are being right now. If you want something different you need to start doing different things which means acting and thinking differently.

My vision is to connect you to the possibility that who you are is a choice and that when you align who you are being, with what you want, you automatically create your dreams with ease!

With thanks to my support team :

  • Allana Barber (best friend, angel sister, piece of sanity and super diver)
  • Joseph Emmanuel (there from the beginning, never doubted, always listened, my anchor and sounding board)
  • Kirsten Emmanuel (surface marshal and sanity keeper)
  • Derek Hughes (he kept the team together allowing me to keep myself together, my other anchor)
  • Ian Gatley, Gareth Lowndes and John de Wet, support divers who dived, a lot !
  • Dave Shaw and Don Shirley for deep support
  • Theo van Eeden – for the photos
  • SCUBAPRO – for the best gear, gear I know kept me alive on dives where it was touch and go!

And not forgetting the people who were got me to 186 meters – Kimberleigh Yeomans, Craig Kahn, Craig Newham, Peter Zachariou


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