On October 25th, 2004 I reached a depth of 221 meters in a water filled cave in the Northern Cape (South Africa) called Boesmansgat. The dive took 5 and a half hours and a decade to reach. It set a new all time woman’s depth record for the deepest dive by a woman on scuba as well as breaking my existing cave record and altitude record. It was supposed to be an ending but became a new beginning because I wanted to experience limitless being in all aspects of my life not only diving.

This dive set a number of records for woman:

  • Deepest cave dive
  • Deepest Altitude dive
  • An African Record

It also proved that woman can compete at the same level of excellence and dare as the men do and I firmly believe, opened a door through which more and more woman have gone.

In 2021, after 16,5 years, fellow South African and a fellow Wits Underwater Club member, Karen van den Oever broke my record.

With thanks to my support team :

  • Allana Barber (best friend, angel sister, piece of sanity and super diver)
  • Joseph Emmanuel (there from the beginning, never doubted, always listened, my anchor and sounding board)
  • Kirsten Emmanuel (surface marshal and sanity keeper)
  • Derek Hughes (he kept the team together allowing me to keep myself together, my other anchor)
  • Ian Gatley, Gareth Lowndes and John de Wet, support divers who dived, a lot !
  • Dave Shaw and Don Shirley for deep support
  • Theo van Eeden – for the photos
  • SCUBAPRO – for the best gear, gear I know kept me alive on dives where it was touch and go!

And not forgetting the people who were got me to 186 meters – Kimberleigh Yeomans, Craig Kahn, Craig Newham, Peter Zachariou

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