Who Am I ?

That is a loaded question, and it changes as I learn and grow. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and my ‘real’ job is as an Agile Coach where I get to explore what is possible for teams to achieve if they think about the world a different way.

I am a qualified life coach using the Ontological coaching framework. The power of Ontological coaching is in how it enables us to see how we use language (stories) and moods to create the experiences we live and how we have anchored that into our bodies (and so how we get stuck in patterns that feel impossible to break).

My claim to fame is holding the Guinness Book of World Records as the Deepest Woman on Scuba thanks to a dive to 221m (725ft) on the 24th October, 2004. This dive also set a new woman’s record for altitude and cave diving. At the time, it placed me in the top 5 all time deepest divers. It held for close to 16,5 years, before a fellow South African Karen van den Oever broke it in 2021.

I speak at various conferences, on various topics from my Dive (and how it relates to Agility and success) through to behaviour (How to Reframe Conflict was my last talk) and leadership and empowerment.

What am I about ?

Freedom! The Freedom to choose, the freedom to live a life you love that allows you to be the uniqueness you are and to really love and live the value that you are. The freedom to explore what is possible if you really knew you were valuable and trusted that

What if you were Free to be You ?


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