If you can\’t Imagine it, you can\’t create it! This is something I instinctively did on my journey to my world record. At night I would fall asleep imagining the dive, imagining what it would be like to do the dive. I would Imagine interviews with Oprah (don\’t laugh), imagine what it would feel like once I had finally made it. Little did I know that what I was doing was using the power of my pre-frontal cortex to connect to the quantum field and literally create that future! Was that the reason why I made it even when I wasn\’t borne with the habits and beliefs that would get me to the Deepest Dive in the World ? Perhaps, perhaps not! Only, it is a trick I have used at random times to shift where I am – focusing on what it will feel like after I have ít\’.



An Interesting Tool to Support your Visualisations

I was given the opportunity to create a Mind Movie. I have to say I have never connected to vision boards and did it because it was part of the Advanced Workshop I am attending in June with Dr Joe Dispenza. It blew my mind! You create a short 2min video of images of the life you would love to Dare to live. You add music and intentions and they create the movie. The first time I saw mine, I burst into tears! And somehow the combination of the pictures , words and music has embedded that life in my mind. It keeps me out of my \’old me\’ and allows me to practice being someone for whom the life I want to live is natural.

Sound familiar ? Yes, I have done this part before on my diving journey. Before I could ever get to my Deepest Dive I had to stop making the choices that I normally made and start to make the choices that the Deepest Woman in the World would. And to my surprise, it worked and in the space of 6 months I was on my first world record attempt. I went from 2 divers who believed in me to a team of 8, full corporate sponsorship and gear from Scubapro! 

I have not been able to find a way to really visualise the real world ( a dive is easy), until now. It is a little pricey and yes, in the interests of transparency, I do get a small portion of the money you spend. I would love to find out if it works for you…what is your experience ? Is this something worth promoting for those of you who are Daring to Change ?

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