What did I learn from a world record ? I chose myself. I mastered one part of my life and I claimed my dream. All of this created a freedom I yearn for.

When you are FREE TO BE YOU, you can:

  • Live with self confidence because your decisions and actions and behavior have nothing to do with getting the ‘right’ response from someone else
  • You are now independent of the good opinion of other people
  • You can let go of what works for you and what doesn’t
  • You can CHOOSE!!!

I know that I am more than ‘this’. I know you are! Why ? Because I used to live in a small box and then I decided I wanted to break a world record! Everyone told me I couldn’t, I was not ‘that’ girl. But I did! And if I could go from petrified to deepest, you can become whoever you choose as well.

To be Free to Be You means:

  • Who you are isn’t set in stone – it is a choice!
  • Limits are choices
  • Who you are is as important at what you do and how good you are at doing it
  • Who you are becomes your ‘secret’ to creating a life of unlimited joy

I know that you can do all this as well!

What does it take ? A never-ending drive to find your own answers. Which means finding the questions that will change how you think about yourself and what is possible.

Who are you ?

What do you want ?

How do you want to feel ?

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