What happens when you take a world record and add IT ? You get a new way of looking at limits and the role people play.

In a world that is changing quickly, agility and Agile have become key words, but have we as players in this world changed ? Are we still living in a world of \’following\’ or are we activating our inner leader and shining ?

You don\’t have to be borne a leader. I know this because I wasn\’t borne to become the Deepest Woman in the World, I had to learn how and that started with changing the assessments I had about the world and how I fitted into it.  I stopped doing what felt right for me and started to do the things that a world record holder would find easy. I started to think and act greater than who I thought I was! I chose to react differently to the world around me.

Which is what this site is all about – finding new ways of showing up, shifting cultures out of unilateral being into autonomous, agile, creative being and showing people new ways that they can own their \’shine\’


Agile Leadership

Inner Leader

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